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Firewood Advice

Using a wood burning stove is a cozy way to get heat in your house and it is important to have the right type of wood for your setup. Below you will find some tips we have picked up over the years so you can burn wood without any trouble.

Wood types

Spruce: Smells great, nice crackle 
Tamarack: Burns hot and long, few ashes left over
Birch: Quiet burn with very little spark, also burns long.

Dry time and curing

Dry wood, also known as 'cured' is the best for burning. Our wood comes dry and ready to burn in your stove or fireplace. 

Storage wood.

Keep your wood stored up off the ground and in a dry place or covered to protect it from the elements.

Customer Satisfaction Drives Us

Totally recommend this business! We are very happy with our purchase!

~ Adrian Sylvia
Loved the campfire that this wood made! Thanks!

~ Jacob
Kept my house warm this winter with my wood burning stove thanks to fairwood sales firewood.

~ Jane
Awesome service and friendly people to do business with.

~ Evelyn