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Our firestarters are fantastic for camping, ice fishing, hunting, back yard fire pits, wood stoves, fireplaces etc.

Each package ($5.00) has 24 firestarters in it. Firestarters are made of wood shavings and pariffin wax. Each firestarter will burn for approximately 10 minutes so it's a great and easy way to start your fire. No need to take along your old newspapers.

You will be very pleased with these wonderful little resourses.

Customer Satisfaction Drives Us

Totally recommend this business! We are very happy with our purchase!

~ Adrian Sylvia
Loved the campfire that this wood made! Thanks!

~ Jacob
Kept my house warm this winter with my wood burning stove thanks to fairwood sales firewood.

~ Jane
Awesome service and friendly people to do business with.

~ Evelyn